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Understanding Romans_ Chapter Twelve Commentary
Understanding Romans_ Chapter Twelve Commentary

Romans 12- Believers’ Edification

Romans 12:1– Paul urges believers to live their lives as worship unto God, offering our bodies as a living sacrifice. This is like what Paul said in Romans 6:13, we should give our membership instruments of righteousness. If sacrifices were offered in the temple and our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, it only makes sense that our bodies are living sacrifices.

Romans 12:2– When our minds are renewed by the Holy Spirit, our thinking is transformed and we act differently. Definitely not of this world. And then, we will be able to test and approve, that is, know what God’s will is.

12:3– Do not think of yourself better than others or think any more of who you truly are. But rather, think of yourself according to the faith God has given you. Faith here means “pistis” and it means moral conviction.

12:4-5– Even as we are one body in Christ, the body has different members which performs different functions. The ears hear, the eyes see, and so on. So the members of Christ’s body all act in different gifts of the Spirit.

12:6-8– We all have different gifts and can choose to function in any, whether to prophesy, to teach, to minister, etc. All members should do all according to their faith. These 7 gifts Paul mentioned are some of the gifts of the Spirit and all believers can function in all.

12:9– The Greek word for dissimulation is “anupokritos” meaning unfeigned. This talks about a sincere love, one which isn’t forced. Love should never be forced but should always be from the heart. Abhor means to detest, we should detest what is evil. Flee from what is evil and cleave (kollaō), that is, be joined to what is good.

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12:10– “Kindly affectioned” and “brotherly love” mean almost the same thing in this verse. Kindly affectioned is “philostorgos” which means to cherish one’s kindred. And brotherly love is “philadelphia” which is brotherly love or kindness. So we should love one another the same way we would love a family member.

12:11– We should not be lazy when it comes to business (spoudē meaning diligence). Fervent here is “zeō” which means to be hot. Serving means “douleuō” gotten from “doulos” and it means to be in bondage, voluntarily.

12:12– We should rejoice in hope of what is to come, for hope maketh not ashamed. Be patient when in tribulation and “continue instantly” in prayer. The word used here is “proskartereō” which means to persevere, to be constantly diligent, to adhere closely.

12:13-14– Be generous to fellow believers. Bless in verse 14 is “eulogeō” which means to speak well of. We should speak well of those who persecute us and not curse them.

12:15-16– Rejoice and weep with others. Treat everyone in the same manner and don’t be proud. Be willing to associate with those of a low status. Don’t have an excessively high opinion of yourself.

12:17– If we are to be Christ-like, we shouldn’t have the “an eye for an eye” mentality. We should always show love and bless those who do us evil. Do what is right, not only in the sight of God, but in sight of everyone.

12:18– Try your best possible to be at peace with everyone.

12:19– Do not take revenge on anyone for God has said in Deuteronomy 32:32, that He is the one who will avenge us. This is an act of faith, trusting God to fight for us, even when things aren’t working in our favour at that moment.

12:20-21– Verse 20 is quoted from Proverbs 25:21-22, it is an act of love to our enemies. When you’re good to your enemies, repaying evil with good, you make them very uncomfortable. The heaps of burning coals are not of punishment but of conviction, when you’re continuously good to your enemies, they would probably get confused as to why you’re being so nice to them and this would bring about their conviction. In verse 21, Paul says good is what defeats evil.

Hope you enjoyed reading this? And I hope we start learning to love everyone and treat everyone with love and kindness in our everyday walk. Please check out the next post for Romans 13 Commentary. Love you ♥️


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