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Understanding Romans_ Chapter Eleven Commentary
Understanding Romans_ Chapter Eleven Commentary

Romans 11- Salvation for all men

Romans 11:1– Paul tells the Jews that they aren’t excluded from salvation. They may have thought that since the Gentiles could get saved, they wouldn’t be a part of God’s plan anymore, but Pail tells them it’s not so.

11:2-5– Paul reminds them how God had preserved 7,000 people in the days of Elijah at the time when Paul wrote the book of Romans. And even now, there is a remnant of Israelites to be saved according to grace.

11:6– Grace and works can never be intertwined. If salvation starts by grace, it must end with grace. Salvation by grace can never be accompanied by works, and salvation by works cannot be accompanied by grace. It’s like oil and water, they can’t mix.

11:7– The state of the Israelites was such that they did not obtain what they sought after; salvation. The elect, which are those saved according to grace, the believing Jews, obtained it but the rest had been blinded by self-righteousness.

11:8-10– Theses are quoted from Deuteronomy 29:4, Isaiah 29:10 Psalms 69:22, 23. Moses, Isaiah and David had prophesied about those who sought self-righteousness.

11:11-12– Their stumbling wasn’t meant for the Israelites to fall without recovery. Their fall had brought salvation to the Gentiles because the Gentiles have received freely what they had been working for, for ages. Their loss brought riches to the Gentiles, their riches would definitely bring more.

11:13-14– Paul hopes that as he speaks to the Gentiles and lets them know they can now communicate to God as their Father, it would push the Jews to be jealous and want the same thing, pushing them to have faith also.

11:15- Paul could be referring to Romans 5:10 where he said we were reconciled while we yet sinners and having been reconciled, we shall be saved through Christ’s life. Their rejection brought reconciliation to the world and their acceptance, life from the dead. This could also mean their acceptance would bring life to those dead in sin.

11:16– The firstfruit, being Abraham and the patriarchs, were holy and so, their descendants would be holy, that is, the Israelites. If the fathers of Israel were found holy, they would be holy also. This was to further prove that the Jews could also be saved.

Grace and works can never be intertwined. If salvation starts by grace, it must end with grace.

11:17-24- Now we understand that since the root is holy, the branches are holy also. But in verse 17, Paul tells us that some of this branches were broken off so that the Gentiles would be grafted in. Recall he was talking to the Gentiles from verse 13. He then warns the Gentiles not to boast against the branches because it is the root that holds them. They were only broken off from the root because of unbelief and the Gentiles are only grafted in because of faith.

If the natural branches, the Jews, were not spared because of unbelief, the grafted ones won’t be spared if they choose not to believe. I personally feel it’s impossible to become an unbeliever after becoming a believer, unless you were never really a believer. Paul says if the Jews begin to believe, they would surely be grafted in again. For if the Gentiles being of a wild olive tree were grafted into a cultivated tree, how much more the original branches?

11:25-26– He tells the Greeks not to be proud because the hearts of some Israelites are hardened only for a while. And this would only be so until the full number of Gentiles have been saved, and all of Israel would be saved.

11:28- The Jews are enemies of the gospel and this is of benefit to the Gentiles, as their enmity brought reconciliation to the world. But because of their fathers, they are loved by the Father.

11:30-32– The Gentiles were once disobedient to God but received mercy as a result of the Jews’ disobedience. In the same way, they will receive mercy just as the Gentiles have received mercy. For God has bound us all to disobedience so His mercy may be shown on all.

11:33-36– Paul exalts the wisdom of God. None can understand His ways and He has created everything for His glory and pleasure (Revelation 4:11).

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