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Inner Circle

inner circle
inner circle

Lately, I’ve been listening to messages from Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church and boy, are they amazing!
Sound doctrine all over and he preaches really well, in my opinion. One series I was engaged in is titled ‘Inner Circle’. It contains three messages and if you can lay your hands on them, you should surely listen, you can get them on YouTube anyway. The three messages spoke to me on different levels and I’ll be sharing with you what I learned.


GOD: When it comes to fulfilling purpose, the first thing we need is God. No matter how you think about it, success isn’t the same as purpose. You can be doing something you’re definitely so good at and making thousands of dollars from it but God’s shaking His head like ‘Nah child, that’s not what I called you to do’. So we definitely need God to even know what our purpose is in the first place.

You can do good things without God but you can’t do God’s will without God.

GIFTS: Then you have gifts, even if you can’t dance or sing or act or blog?, it doesn’t mean you don’t have gifts. It could be talking, texting, advertising, anything at all, but every single human on this earth has gifts. You have to discover and cultivate your gifts.
CALLING: This is the intentionaluse of your specific gifts to impact God’s kingdom. Don’t think about how you’re gonna do it, just say yes to Him and it’ll all be sorted out.
GODLY COMMUNITY : This is the missing link.

To achieve your purpose, you need people around you who are gonna push you, correct you and most importantly, love you. These are people who you chill with, pray with, worship with and transform with so y’all can multiply. You need people, never think you can do it alone. You need people who are going to encourage you, people you trust enough to call you back when you’re going the wrong way. This missing link is something most people don’t have but I can’t begin to explain how important it is here, I say you watch the video yourself and I promise, no regrets.
This is your inner circle. Your inner circle is made up of a few people who you can comfortably let in on every detail of your life.


This is the second message.
We have to realize that godly relationships is made up of regular people. Humans like you and I, so definitely, there are bound to be ups and downs. Some people get out of these relationships because of the humanness of people. But no matter what happens, always be sure not to give up on your inner circle.

Let reconciliation be more important than reputation.


THE CHURCH. The church is the world’s inner circle.
Jesus Christ heals and transforms those who are hurting on the inside but we, the church, are called to take care of those people. Nobody has to be completely right and “Christian enough” to be welcomed in the church and this is the problem most people have in the church. We don’t want to love completely, we want to judge others back to their old ways, we don’t want to care. But that’s not what God wants from us. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Now that is true unconditional love.

The church should be a place where everyone can call home. It should be a place where you belong first before you believe or behave. Sometimes we just have to remember who we were and what we were going through before we met Christ, remember how much you’ve changed and remember it was because of love. Now show this love to others, draw them closer to God and remember it’s eternity we’re dealing with here.

This post was inspired by Pastor Michael Todd and Pastor Charles Metcalf.
Thank you for reading. Till next time.


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Anesii is a young woman on fire for Jesus. She uses her writing skills to blog about Jesus till Jesus is proclaimed to the ends of the earth.

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  1. […] One day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed in the middle of the night and came across a post from last year, I was so happy that night because it spoke to me, answered a question I’d been asking myself for a while now. It basically said, ‘what makes you hop won’t just stop’, which means that whatever it is you were going through before coming to Christ, addictions or what not, they don’t just stop once you declare that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour. It takes the grace of God to overcome it all, you have to strengthen your spirit by indulging so much in the word that you can overcome temptations whenever they arise and having victory once doesn’t mean it’ll come to an end just immediately. Even Jesus was tempted three times but everytime, He overcame by the word of God until the devil troubled Him no more. Just look how beautiful and powerful the word of God is, we need it to become a part of us. I say ‘we’ because I include myself. I want to challenge us to study God’s word daily and live by it. Another way is to surround yourself with people who see what you’re going through and can help and pray for you. Such people are the kind I talked about in yesterday’s post. […]

  2. Yemi says:

    Really good ??

    1. Thank you ❤

  3. Mama? says:

    Well I can see you’ve been busy, beautiful,funny enough I was talking about this same thing This morning ?
    Simply tells you that we are in sync.
    The spirit is one?.
    BUT!! This is hawesome
    Yours everything……me

    1. Hey MaMa??? I know we’re in sync!!! Thank you babe ❤

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