How To Set Goals in 2020 and Smash ‘Em

How To Set Goals in 2020 and Smash 'Em
How To Set Goals in 2020 and Smash 'Em
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It’s January 2nd, 2020 and I have to ask, do you know how to set goals for 2020 and smash ’em? Yesterday, on my Instagram, I posted a photo and this was the caption:

The only thing keeping you apart from your resolutions is dreams. Wake up!
You’ve written down your goals for the year, hopefully it’s not just for 2 weeks. You’ve got to know that a new year isn’t a time for humans to shed skin, so don’t feel that if you’ve missed it in January, you’ve missed it all together. Fine, you messed up your diet or whatever, you don’t have to wait for next year to try again. You don’t have to wait for the next year to be better. Each and every single day, 2020 and beyond, make it a “thing” to constantly improve yourself, to constantly grow, constantly set plans and constantly achieve them, one by one!
And with all these said, keep in mind that 2020 is not “the year” for everybody. Keep growing!

And just know that with God, all things are possible. God loves you and believe it or not, I do too. Happy new year! Soar, shine, grow!!!✨ -Anesii

. Each and every single day, 2020 and beyond, make it a “thing” to constantly improve yourself, to constantly grow, constantly set plans and constantly achieve them, one by one! Click To Tweet

Major Tips on how to set goals in 2020

2020 is just like every other year, and today is just like every other day. It’s just a way to keep track of time. Since we’re keeping track of time and we set goals based on time, let’s focus on setting these goals, shall we? Before we start, I need your help. Help me decide how often you want me to post on the blog:

Planning has been a huge part of my life for some time now, and I’ve helped people plan and they were happy for it. Planning is actually very easy and I’ll help you do just that. First things first, write down all the areas of your life you have goals for- academics, relationships, business, career, spiritual, etc. next thing is to write out reasonable attainable goals which you know you can achieve in a year. Now the next thing you want to do is to write how you’re gonna achieve these goals, this is where planning comes in.

Planning involves three main things to consider and they are called “Triple Goal Constraint” in Project Management (yep, project management has a lot to do with planning). These goal constraints are time, scope and cost.

Triple Goal Constraint

  • Time- how long would it take to achieve each goal you have set?
  • Scope- how do you plan on achieving them? Do you have to sleep 5 hours instead of 7? (I wouldn’t advise that). Do you have to work out more? You know, stuff like that.
  • Cost- what’s it gonna cost you? Cost doesn’t always have to be money, although most times it is. It can be your time, your energy/effort, or some friends. Think about what these goals are gonna cost.

Doing all these will have you 90% done! The 10% is left to you. And it’s called putting in the work. Goals will remain just goals if you do not work. Put in some effort, let go of some things, sacrifice some things to become the better version of yourself that you want to be. I’ll also be sharing an extra tip, it’s called A VISION BOARD.

Goals will remain just goals if you do not work. Click To Tweet

Using a vision board to set goals for 2020.

A vision board is a collage of images representing your goals/wishes. These images should be what you see in your head when you think of your goals and how you plan to attain them. It could be digital or non-digital. I’ll teach you how to create a digital one, it can be done using Over or Canva. Select an Instagram or Facebook story template. Divide it into 8 categories- relationships, spirituality, career/business, health and well-being, travel, volunteering/charity, education and self-development, and finances. you can get images from Pinterest. This board is simply to keep you in check and be a constant reminder. I advise you use it s your wallpaper <3

So that’s it! Set those 2020 goals and smash ’em! See you in the next post.

About Author

Anesii is a young woman on fire for Jesus. She uses her writing skills to blog about Jesus till Jesus is proclaimed to the ends of the earth.

(7) Comments

  1. Amazing write up! Thank you Anesi.

    1. anesii says:

      You’re so much welcome. Thanks for reading, Oyin♥️

  2. Adetifa Oluwole says:

    This was really insightful, keep it up

    1. anesii says:

      Thank you Wole✨✨

  3. Thank you so much. I’m in a very sour and messed up place in my life right now. And it’s so weird cause it’s the beginning of a new year and I feel so empty. There’s a lot of things I want to do. God knows. My heart is so sore and I’m trying to fight to actualize every single thing. I’ll be a bigger fighter this year and I’ll figure it all out with God’s help. Reading this, made me feel at peace. Thank you.

    1. I definitely want to be closer to God. I definitely want to write more. I definitely want a bigger audience. I want to work harderrrr. I don’t want to keep giving myself excuses. By 2021, I pray to look back at this year and call it my best thus far. The year the fighter in me conquered all my problems. This is more than just goals or dreams. This is a prayer.

      1. anesii says:

        OMG Stephanie, thanks for your heartwarming comment. And I just want you to know that with God, you can achieve all you want to do, if they’re according to purpose. You have big dreams and I’m sure that with prayers, planning and the right attitude, everything will fall in place. I believe in you ✨

        If you want to talk more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can text me on IG @anesii_ or send me a mail. Your year is definitely going to be so so so amazing and much more ♥️♥️

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