Feeling 22!

feeling 22

Hi you! If you’re reading this, I recently clocked 22 on the 28th of September. I have been so excited about this birthday (PS: it’s not too late to get something on my wish list lol), you can create yours too, and it’s pretty easy to use.

Anyhoo, you know people always have lessons to share when they turn a new age but I don’t. I mean, i do but this post isn’t for sharing lessons I probably didn’t even learn but copied off someone’s post. This is a thanksgiving post.

feeling 22

Firstly, I’m so thankful to God. Thankful for my salvation; I’m really glad I got to know about it early. Thankful for life; mine, my family’s, my friends’ and yours too, you who is reading this. Thankful for provision and protection and an amazing 22! I know this year is going to be full of great things. There will be ups and downs definitely but I’m thankful, nonetheless. In the ups, I’ll find joy, and in the downs, I’ll find lessons. We don’t do regrets here lol.

I’m thankful to my family for always being there. I think I have the best family in the whole world and you can’t tell me nothing. Yo! Here’s a picture of the birthday cake they got me

feeling 22

I’m thankful for friends, they’re really close to family. I wouldn’t call names cause I don’t want to omit a name and have someone coming for my neck. But my friends are the best!

I’m thankful for you reading this if we’re not friends or family, and even if we are, I’m thankful! For reading this birthday post or opening my blog at all (and shopping my e-book which is currently on sale), it means so much to me really. Arigato! Yes, I watch and love animes…

I’m signing out now, still feeling a whole lot like 22! Keep being blessed! The Father loves you!

Oh, and if you love my top, you can get yours and a million other beautiful styles from @taqq24 on IG. She is literally the best, and delivers anywhere! And if you have any issues getting my book, please message me. Thank you!

feeling 22

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