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Easter Special: A Man Named Barabbas

A Man Named Barabbas
A Man Named Barabbas
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That was the day I was finally going to die, I had spent my last days in prison trying to imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to me; the worst death a criminal could face. I had heard of people who died by crucifixion, there were never pleasant stories. One had spent about nine days, just hanging there, trying to make use of what oxygen was left in his lungs. Now I was going to experience the same. It’s easy to judge me but I hardly regret what I had done. The government surely did not have plans for its citizens, people were suffering and they could care less.

Getting money was as difficult as the asphyxia I was going to face, and because of that my only son died some months earlier from a sickness of some sort. If only I could get a hold of that man who was seen to have healed a lot of people, maybe he would have gotten Nemuel healed. In anger, I joined countless riots and protests against the government, and on a certain day, committed a crime that threw me behind cold bars.

We were rioting as usual when some soldiers came to disperse us, like we were some piece of rag that couldn’t be dealt with. The 5th commandment written by our father Moses says “Thou shalt not kill”, I remember chanting it as a child. But that day, I killed. I stoned the living day light out of his head, that wicked good-for-nothing soldier. It didn’t even dawn on me that I was being dragged by his companions, I was just relieved that one of them was gone. Forever.

Death Day

“Hey! You, over there.” I looked up to the soldier clad in full armor. “It’s time.”

He didn’t need to tell me what time it was, I followed him as he led me to a pulpit in front of a mob. There was Pilate…and the man I heard about, the one who could have healed my son. What could he have done? It was the feast of Passover, Pilate could release whoever the people wanted. If I was up against this man, why would that decision be up for debate?

Pilate rose up from his seat and addressed the people, “Who will I release unto you? Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ?”

My heart sank for a moment but I was shocked when I heard the people shout, “Barabbas!”

Pilate responded, “What then shall I do with Jesus which is called Christ?”

“Let him be crucified!” They chanted.

“Why, what evil has he done?”

They cried out even more, “let him be crucified!”

Pilate asked that a bowl of water be brought before him, and washing his hands before them all said, “I am innocent of the blood of this just person, you can see.” Then facing the crowd, “his blood be on us, and our children.”

He then asked that I be released to the people. Barabbas, a criminal, set free while Jesus was scourged and delivered to face the death I was supposed to die, all I could do was watch. While all this happened, not once did he complain, not once did he curse the soldiers who mocked him. Even as he walked to his grave, he comforted the women crying for him, he didn’t seem angry till he drew his last breath. That’s when it happened–the darkness. I remember what Pilate had called him; Christ. Was he really the Messiah?

After some weeks, Jerusalem returned back to the busy city it had always been. I heard this man Jesus had some disciples very close to him, I looked for them to find out about this man who had died my death. They told me he had risen, and asked if I believed.

“Yes, I believe.”

Let’s Discuss Barabbas and Easter

Happy Easter, family! It’s a day to rejoice and be thankful for what Christ has done. This is a fiction I wrote about Barabbas, the notorious criminal whom Jesus took his place at death. Can you imagine what ever went through his mind as an innocent man was crucified in his place? He deserved to die but Jesus died instead. That’s the same thing he did for all men. Hallelujah! He died that we may never die. He rose and we rose with Him, now we’re seated with Him in heavenly places. Even when we die a physical death, we would rise again. JESUS IS KING AND HE IS RISEN! Glory to God!

Do you believe? I believe so so much, I have eternal life in Him. That’s all it takes; my faith, my belief. That he died and he rose from the dead, and because of that I am free and saved and justified. All men sinned and a just God would punish us but He came in His Son to die our death and by His mercy, we are set free. Thank You, Jesus!

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Love, Light and Peace,



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  1. Thank you. I learnt a lot, lesson 3 was a reminder, all things work for my good ??

    1. anesii says:

      Thank you for reading??

      All things are definitely working for our good!

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