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Book Review || Dating Intelligently

Dating Intelligently
Dating Intelligently

Dating Intelligently had me screaming ‘Yassss’ in my head as I read it, I agreed with it on so many levels and I learned from it too.

  • You have to be whole before you become one with someone , half and half don’t make a whole in the Bible way. 1+1 make a whole. You have to be complete in Christ before being with another who is also complete in Christ.
  • Be friends before you are lovebirds.
  • Dating is the time to love intelligently, marriage is the time to love blindly.
  • Don’t base your love life off what you see on TV or the internet. All that glitters isn’t gold, brethren.
  • Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.
  • Also one of my favourite verses, 1 Corinthians 15:33: Do not be deceived: “Evil communication corrupts good manners.”
  • And the one that brought up an argument, Laju wrote, “You’re in a relationship, and then you have someone who you call your best friend who is a member of the opposite sex that you communicate with as often as you do with your beloved. Well done sir. Well done ma. I smell trouble like hot burning pepper” and I totally agree!!! This is actually what I’m going to talk about live tomorrow. Tune in, let’s share our opinions on that.
Dating Intelligently

In all, this book is a must have! It can be gotten on OkadaBooks at a low price. You do not want to miss out on this. If you’re in Covenant University, I could lend you the book only if you promise to return it in good condition, when we resume of course. Lol…
I also love the way she writes, just like she’s speaking to you one on one. Laju Iren is truly a great writer. Love you ma.

Did I mention that this book isn’t for singles only?
Title: Dating Intelligently
Author: Laju Iren
Publisher: Laju Iren Publications
Source: Giveaway price ? (the best)
Pages: 196
ISBN: 978-978-955-382-9
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