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Book Review || Becoming a Spectacular Woman

becoming a spectacular woman

Becoming a Spectacular Woman taught me so muchc

This is coming in rather too late, I read this in March but better late than never, yes?
So yea, this book is simply amazingggg. Every word, every sentence, every page. It helped me a lot when I was struggling with letting go and letting God. It spoke to me, God was basically teaching me through this book.

becoming a spectacular woman

From the first chapter titled ‘Let’s Get Naked’, I learnt that being naked is the safest way to access God. When you have nothing to hide, when you’re free in His presence, when you can approach Him any day and anytime, when you know you are how Adam and Eve were in the beginning; naked and in His presence.
I learnt how to get naked, how to let Him in, what letting Him in entails. When you know you have the power of the Holy Spirit in you, the peace that comes with letting God into your life. Just writing this, I feel the same way I felt after that realization all over again, it’s wonderful!

Becoming a Spectacular Woman

‘Let go of your life because you only truly start living when you let go and give it all to Him’

Becoming a Spectacular Woman

I wrote this post in 2019 and getting back to read it gives me some chills. I remeber when I first picked it up, I could hardly put it back down. And that’s not even because the cover is beautiful (I definitely judge a book by its cover lol). But because it spoke to me on many levels. It also comes with a journal and I’m pretty sure it’s available on OkadeBooks now in Nigeria. You should get a copy!

Title: Becoming a Spectacular Woman
Author: Toluwani Obayan
Publisher: Hedmee Company Limited
Source: Bought
Pages: 88
ISBN: 978-978-963-902-1

~Anesii ♥️


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  1. Love love love your blog?

    1. Omggg thanks a lot ❤❤❤❤

  2. kaytez says:

    Thank you for this one Anesi. Its good to keep in mind that its better to always come bare and not hide anything; because he knows it all.

    1. Exactly. Thanks for reading KC♥

  3. Your next door neighbor last semester ?? says:

    Ps: I loved this review!

  4. Your next door neighbor last semester ?? says:

    Anesiii?. I still want the other book?. The yellow one by thesame author

    1. Lool it’s not the same author, Jenny. Thanks for loving it ♥

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