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You’re welcome to my online space. I’m Anesii and I live in Nigeria, a final year Computer Engineering student, writer and avid believer of Jesus Christ. On this platform, I aim to spread the good news of the Gospel and I’m totally open to corrections while at it. 

Here’s my story, a sum of it actually. In April 2018, not sure the exact date, I decided to be fully committed to Christ. But not until January 2019 did I come to know and understand the Gospel truly for what it is. Not a message of fear or doom, but of peace and prosperity, of joy; too good to be true.

And since then, I have made it a duty to use my blog as a medium to preach this Gospel in sound doctrine, To say the truth and nothing but the truth. And I pray that everyone who comes across this blog is blessed immensely above measures. Thank you so much for stopping by in my little corner. More than anything, I hope you enjoy your stay here. 


Anesii xx




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Anesii x

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