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A Guide to Romans Bible Study and Commentary || Chapter 5

Understanding Romans_ Chapter Five Commentary

So far so good, we’ve talked about GRACE, and we would be talking about it some more in Romans 5. Let’s quickly dive in to today’s study and commentary…

Understanding Romans_ Chapter Five Commentary


5:1-2– By our justification by faith, we have peace with God. He is not angry with us or separated from us. We are one in Christ. Salvation comes with this peace. And not only peace, but grace, joy and hope.

5:3-5– Paul says we glory in tribulations, the Greek word for tribulations is “thlipsis”, pronounced thlip-sis, and it means anguish, persecution, tribulation. And “glory” here (kauchaomai, pronounced kow-khah-om-ahee) means to rejoice. So here, we see the attitude of one who has been saved, we rejoice when we are persecuted. We see such behaviours in the apostles when they faced persecutions. Paul says tribulation worketh patience, and patience worketh experience and experience hope. This hope is hope in God and hope maketh not ashamed. We hope in God because we’re too sure of the outcome.

5:6-11– While we yet sinners and enemies of God, He still loved us and died for us for our forgiveness. How about now that we have been reconciled to Him? We would definitely be saved to his life; everlasting life.

5:12-14– By Adam, sin entered the world. Adam means mankind and he was a representation of us all, therefore as he sinned, sin entered into the world and by nature, his offspring became sinners,. Paul goes on to tell us that Adam was a figure of him who was to come (and who has already come, Jesus Christ).

5:15-17– These two Adams both had something in common; something that could affect all of mankind, but what they both had, though common, weren’t the same. The first Adam had an offence and the other, a free gift. The offence of the first Adam brought death and condemnation to all of mankind, the free gift of the second Adam brought life and justification to all. Just as the first Adam had sin given to his offspring, the second Adam brings justification and life to His offspring, therefore we are being born-again.

5:18-19– By one man’s offence, all men were to die a spiritual and physical death but the second man’s sacrifice has conquered death and the grave, bringing life to us by His Spirit, which quickens our mortal bodies. Faith in the second man and faith in Him alone is what gives us this life and righteousness. As it is said in John 3:16, “…whosoever believeth in Him will not perish but have everlasting life“. Salvation is a free gift to all men but even as so, it is a choice to accept it or not.

Romans 5:20-21– When the law came, it was to make offenses abound but grace came and abounds even much more where sin is. The grace of God is so sufficient as to overshadow any sin. Sin is like only a drop of water in an ocean of grace.

Sin is like a drop of water in an ocean of grace! Click To Tweet

Question: Now that we know grace abounds so much where there is sin. Can we go ahead and keep sinning since we have grace? We would answer this in Romans 6 Study.

Question: Now that we know grace abounds so much where there is sin, can we go ahead and keep sinning since we have grace? Click To Tweet

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